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Riverpark Counseling offers compassionate, quality services. We offer therapy for individuals, couples, and families. Therapy is a helpful resource for anyone facing challenging issues in life, or anyone seeking to grow personally or to find more joy and satisfaction in life. It is particularly helpful in coping with overcoming issues such as:

  • depression and other mood disorders
  • anxiety
  • relationship issues
  • addiction and codependency
  • chronic pain
  • grief

Our experienced staff is professionally licensed, and is available Monday through Friday from 8 am until 3 pm. Later afternoon appointments are available as needed.

Riverpark Counseling currently accepts most insurance plans.

Please call 318.336.6098 for an initial appointment or for a complimentary telephone consultation.

Our Mission...

It is our goal to provide the highest quality healthcare to our patients utilizing qualified specialists, personalized service, and state of the art resources. Our decisions are driven by the philosophy that our patients are given the highest priority. We strive to provide both patient and staff a pleasant setting where cost-efficient healthcare can be received and delivered. We envision a growing center of specialists who offer an increasing diversity of services from all fields of medicine and surgery. We aspire to elevate the level of healthcare delivery for our entire region and aim for nothing less than to provide an outpatient medical center that might serve as a model for others.
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